Welcome to KP Ballet Academy

Truly professional ballet training, exceptional performances, and so much more…


It’s not only where to learn how to do a brilliant pirouette, it’s a place that inspires and makes dreams come true


A studio committed to kindness, camaraderie and long-lasting friendship


Truly professional training in a fun, happy and safe place that encourages their full potential


Wearing exquisite professional costumes that make their eyes light up


Gaining courage, confidence and strength that last a lifetime, because in the end, that’s what truly counts

Hi, I’m Kristina, former professional ballerina and the owner of KP Ballet Academy.  I’m dedicated to encouraging little ballerinas to dream big and have fun.  Click on the video below to get a glimpse into my beliefs about ballet training and how everything I do is designed to help your ballerina soar in ballet and life.