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Performing Companies

Our Two Companies …

Delaware Valley Ballet Theater (DVBT)

Delaware Valley Ballet Theater (DVBT) is KP Ballet Academy’s classical ballet company. KP Ballet dancers are invited to join DVBT in middle school.

DVBT dancers experience what it’s like to be in a professional ballet company through performing in several full-length, classical, story-ballet productions each year. Every performance is designed just like the ones in big, professional ballet companies – with professional lighting and sound designers, enchanting, professionally designed costumes, and exciting choreography. Dancers enjoy the camaraderie of rehearsing scenes with their friends, the excitement of conquering intricate choreography, and feel the confidence-building thrill of performing in front of big audiences.

Delaware Valley Ballet Contemporary (DVBC)

Delaware Valley Ballet Contemporary (DVBC) is KP Ballet’s contemporary ballet company where the beauty of ballet connects with the great vibes of pop music, both past and present.  DVBC dancers have the opportunity to work with amazing choreographers to develop their contemporary ballet and Modern dance skills, and they perform a repertoire of original, contemporary ballets.

Classical ballet training is the foundation for great dancing ability.  Some of the most famous and gifted dancers of all time were grounded in classical ballet.  Just take a look at Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in some of their remarkable dance duets and you’ll know what we mean.  Watch Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain to see how ballet training grounds and extends a dancer’s abilities and interpretive skills no matter the dance genre.

It’s a given that KP Ballet dancers love the classical ballet repertoire.  Dancing to Tchaikovsky’s magical scores in Swan Lake and Nutcracker is a joy for just about any ballet dancer.  But for some dancers, they also like to kick it up a notch and use their skills to express and interpret popular music.

That’s what DVBC is all about: classical ballet applied to great popular music.  We dance to great pop from eras gone by right up to today’s hits.