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Tuition Policies

KP Ballet invoices on a trimester basis. There are 36 weeks of classes from September through June, which are divided into three, twelve-week trimesters. Weeks that KP Ballet is closed – Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break – are not counted as part of a trimester.

A $25 late fee will be added for tuition more than ten days late.

Students may not take class if tuition is more than fifteen days late.

KP Ballet passes through any returned check fees.

Missed Class Policy

Dancers can schedule a makeup class any time during the session in which they’re enrolled. However, dancers can’t carry over makeups into a subsequent session, e.g., missed summer classes don’t carry over into the following September to June session, and visa versa.

KP Ballet limits the number of dancers who makeup in each class, so students must schedule makeup classes in advance.

Weather-Related Closing Policy

For the safety of our students and teachers, KP Ballet follows the Haverford Township School District for weather-related cancellations.

Late Pick Up/Early Drop Off

Students may arrive no earlier than twenty minutes prior to class time and must be picked up within fifteen minutes of class dismissal.

After the last class of the evening, families will be charged a fee to compensate the instructor waiting with a student whose family is more than fifteen minutes late. The fee is $20 for a thirty minute wait, and $40 for a wait longer than thirty minutes.

Performance Policies

Students may participate in performances only if account balances are paid in full.

KP Ballet Academy will reschedule performances in extremely adverse weather conditions. In the event of snow/icy conditions, check your email, the KP Ballet Facebook page, or call the office beginning at 7:00 AM the morning of a performance for updates on the status. Please check before you leave for the performance, as the status may change if the weather worsens, and the performance could be delayed or postponed. KP Ballet has a strict no refund ticket policy in the event of a postponed performance.

Grounds for Dismissal Policies:

The use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco on school property is grounds for dismissal.

Any parent, guardian or student behavior that, in KP Ballet’s sole discretion, is determined to be disruptive or disrespectful is grounds for dismissal. Tuition, Registration and Performance/Costume Fees will not be refunded for any student who is dismissed for cause.

Class Cancellation Policy:

KP Ballet reserves the right to cancel any class that doesn’t meet the minimum enrollment requirements.


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