By registering and/or enrolling a student at KP Ballet, Parents/Guardians acknowledge that they have read, understand, and agree to be bound by all of KP Ballet’s policies, both on the website and in other studio communications.

Tuition Policy:
KP Ballet invoices on a trimester basis. There are 36 weeks of classes from September through June, which are divided into three, twelve-week trimesters. Tuition for the first trimester is due upon enrollment and tuition is due two weeks before the start of the two subsequent trimesters. The studio will email all families to notify them of upcoming tuition due dates.

Payment Options:
We accept ACH payments and Credit Cards. Anyone who does not want to pay via these options can contact the office.

Student Withdrawal & Refunds:
We have a very relaxed, no commitment approach with young dancers! For that reason, all dancers in our Toddler, Kindergarten and Elementary divisions can stop classes any time and we’re happy to refund unused tuition. However, tuition refunds cannot be retroactive – they are effective the date KP Ballet is notified that the student will no longer be taking classes.

Starting in Ballet 6, if a student withdrawals no matter the circumstance or reason there are no tuition refunds. Tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. No monies will be refunded, held on account or transferred to another student no matter what the circumstance or reason. Registration fees are non-refundable, non-transferrable, nor able to be held on account.

Tuition Late Fee:
A $25 late fee will be added for late tuition. Students may not take class if tuition is more than ten days late. Students may participate in performances only if account balances are paid in full.

Returned Checks:
KP Ballet passes through any returned check or ACH fees.

Missed Classes:
Families can schedule a makeup class for any class missed. Makeup classes must be taken during the session in which students are enrolled at KP Ballet, and not beyond that session/after a withdrawal. Makeup classes may be taken before or after the missed class.

If students don’t take their makeup classes during the session in which they’re enrolled, missed classes aren’t transferable to another student/family, nor can families carry over makeups into a subsequent session. No deductions in tuition will be made for classes missed for any reason.

How to Schedule a Makeup Class:
KP Ballet limits the number of dancers who do a makeup in each class, so families must schedule makeup classes in advance. Please call or email the studio office and let them know when you’d like to take a makeup class.

The weeks that the KP Ballet studio is closed [such as Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break] aren’t counted as part of a trimester, therefore there is no need to take a makeup class.

Drop Off & Pick Up:
● Drop Off: For safety, children must be supervised by Parents/Guardians while on the KP Ballet premises, before and after ballet class times. Parents/Guardians must wait with children who are waiting before class begins.
● Pick Up: Parents/Guardians must pick up students promptly when class ends. If an emergency or unforeseen delay arises preventing pick up when class ends, Parents/Guardians must call the studio to inform KP Ballet.

Weather-Related Closing:
For the safety of our students and teachers, KP Ballet follows the Haverford Township School District for weather-related cancellations.

Transferring to online classes:
KP Ballet reserves the right to transfer classes to ZOOM or other virtual online platforms for instruction for reasons beyond its control, including, but not limited to concerns or restrictions relating to COVID-19. In the event of any such transfer, no monies will be refunded and no discounts or transfers of tuition will be given. By registering for classes at KP Ballet, families agree to accept the transfer to virtual online classes.

Modified Class Schedule & Instructors:
If KP Ballet determines that it is necessary to modify the virtual online class schedule and/or instructors, parents agree to accept those modifications.

Postponement or Cancellation of Performances & Ticket No Refund Policy:
KP Ballet Academy will postpone and/or reschedule performances in extremely adverse weather conditions or in the event of a circumstance beyond KP Ballet’s control, such as a performance venue closure, including but not limited to lack of heat, a fire, or other reasons beyond KP Ballet’s control. If KP Ballet must postpone a performance, we’ll try to reschedule it at another time during the show weekend. If that’s not possible, another date will be announced as soon as one can be arranged with the performance venue, and original tickets will be honored at the door. KP Ballet has a strict no refund ticket policy in the event of a rescheduled performance. In the event of adverse weather conditions, check your email or call the office beginning at 7:00 AM the morning of a rehearsal or performance for updates on the status. Please check before you leave for the performance venue as the status may change if the weather worsens, and the rehearsal or performance could be delayed or postponed.

Grounds for Dismissal:
The use of illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco on school property is grounds for dismissal.
Any parent, guardian or student behavior that, in KP Ballet’s sole discretion, is determined to be disruptive or disrespectful is grounds for dismissal.

Class Cancellation:
KP Ballet reserves the right to cancel any class that doesn’t meet the minimum enrollment requirements.