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12 Things our Families love about KP Ballet

Ballet, and...

From the start, we’ve been a ballet-oriented academy, staffed with true professionals who know how to teach proper (and safe!) ballet technique, with magical performing opportunities in front of big, enthusiastic audiences.  Yes, that’s important, but we knew our families wanted more — a studio where everyone from the littlest to high school dancers is inspired; where they learn and grow in confidence in a place that’s fun and safe, where they have strong friendships; a place where respect, kindness, inclusiveness, and encouragement are both expected and found. A place where dreams come true and cups are filled.

Inspiration... really!

Our joy is watching every dancer in our program find their sparkle. Our full-length ballets open up a world that inspires, one filled with creativity and exciting moments in the warmth and glow of stage lights and cheers from the audience. We love watching their talents and confidence blossom because in the end that’s what truly counts.

Every Dancer Performs

We invite every dancer – from the littlest preschoolers to our graduating seniors – to perform in all of our classical ballet productions.  We believe in the thrill of her first tutu, her first time stepping forward on stage to curtsey, her first flower bouquet, her first pair of pointe shoes, her first time sharing the stage with the Sugar Plum Fairy and all of her dreams up to her final bow before going off to what life holds ahead of her.

Thrilling professional costumes

What could be more thrilling for any ballerina than performing in real, professional, exquisite, handmade ballet costumes and tutus?  We use the same costume shops and designers as professional ballet companies.

Kindness Matters to Us - A Lot

We’re passionate about our culture of kindness. At KP Ballet the dancers are kind and encouraging to one another, there are no cliques and there’s no bullying, and our dancers are passionate about keeping our culture of kindness. We require that everyone treat one another with respect, kindness and inclusiveness, and we talk about how dancers can be kind and inclusive with one another.

A Place to Build Relationships

Deep and lasting friendships are created here over the years. We create lots of opportunities in and outside of ballet classes to build friendships – we host social events at the studio such as dessert parties, stage make-up parties, movie nights, and much more. There’s also opportunities for dancers to give back and support worthy causes such as the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. We believe in connections, relationship-building and community.

A Place to Achieve Dreams

Our graduates take many different paths.  Some dancers going on to college love ballet so much that they keep it in their lives by majoring or minoring in dance.  A few love it so much they go on to dance in a professional ballet company.  However, we know that most of our graduates will choose to take different paths not associated with ballet, and we design our program so that while they’re at KP Ballet, their dreams can come true and they can graduate feeling like they’ve experienced being in a real ballet company dancing leading roles.  And after that, they’re off to conquer the world!

Beauty, Dignity and Purity for Dancers

We think that costuming dancers in skimpy, revealing ways is demeaning to them and objectifies them – and we won’t do that. Our costumes and performances place an emphasis on the purity and dignity of our dancers.

More flexible than most

Many other programs require elementary aged dancers to take two classes per week and to rehearse for productions all day Saturday and/or Sunday.  We don’t do that because specialization at such a young age isn’t healthy and we know that dancers need other activities and experiences to enrich their lives, AND because we know how to mount an amazing quasi-professional ballet without asking dancers to spend every weekend in the studios!

A Real Professional Ballet Experience

Kristina has an impressive professional ballet bio (see full bio here) as do our teachers and choreographers. They bring their professional experiences, knowledge and know-how right here to the classroom and theater where your daughter trains and performs.


Your daughter isn’t just a number here. Our teachers and staff will get to know your daughter’s unique talents and personality. In our younger classes (3-8),  we have two teachers per class so she’ll get even more individual attention.


Our training facility is newly designed, clean and has state-of-the-art, professional sprung Stage Step® floors with marley vinyl overlay to protect her body as she trains. In the studio, parents can watch every class through our large observation windows. Our studios and grounds are professionally, camera-monitored. At the theater, we have strict protocols for signing in and signing out our little performers, and back stage chaperones and staff that have up-to-date, State of PA and Federal background clearances.